Valentine’s Day

This holiday was fraught with peril back during school days; we first made shoeboxes covered with Valentine paper, with a slot in the top for the anonymous cards. Would one get the cheap dime store Valentine (they came in a packet, so there were plenty) from one’s schoolmates? Or would everyone know that one was a pariah?

For the current crop of schoolchildren, it’s much easier. One can purchase a ready-made Valentine box. One’s card can bear your own name, but it can’t have the recipient’s name. And of course everyone gets a card. It’s an interesting watering down of this ancient custom.

As I am long past school age, I now send out electronic greetings to my friends. One does not often associate romance with Godzilla, but, I am a fan of the Kaiju, and so I set up little photo ops with my favorite for many holidays.

This year I was feeling ambitious, so I set up this little scene.

I did a couple of different poses, but I’m pretty sure that I chose the Tokyo one to send.

The next year I was in a hurry, so I went with a simple tea towel background that someone had gifted me for the holiday.

Here’s this year’s choice; hearts didn’t seem to fit, Godzilla needed a more urban look and I decided on this pose (the traditional candy heart is a must). And then while driving around this afternoon, I decided that this also needed a Godzilla haiku. (Godzilla haikus are a thing).

I call this true love

when I destroy the city

that I hold so dear

So this is how I celebrate this holiday in my own way. Happy Valentine’s Day (without the box).